About Us

Do you have phones, tablets, electronics or accessories sitting around, collecting dust, wasting space? Tech Reboot wants them. You or your organization may not have a use for these old devices, but they still may serve a purpose for Tech Reboot.

We are a family-run refurbishing, buyback, and repair business based in Florida. Tech Reboot has been working in smart device repair since 2010, through our sister company, iFixYouri. We have the technical experience to handle your device end-of-life management whether that may be through our buyback program, recycling, or refurbishing.

Our buyback & donation program keeps devices out of the dumps, extending the lives of devices that otherwise may have become e-waste. It’s a win-win for your organization and ours.

All components of any donated or received smartphones, tablets, and laptops past their usefulness are recycled. Many salvageable devices can be refurbished and donated, or resold to those in need of great value used electronics.


E-waste is a growing concern. Tech Reboot can recycle your old devices, reusing parts that are still operational, thereby reducing the generation of excess electronic waste.

Recycling is not a complex concept; old or waste products can be used as or transformed into new products. Tech Reboot is proud to take this important step towards reducing pollution.

Recycling reduces energy usage, the consumption of fresh raw materials, as well as air and water pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for conventional waste disposal and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


In a further effort to extend the lifespans of electronic devices and eliminate excess waste, Tech Reboot refurbishes your smart devices whenever possible. The process may be different for varied smart devices, but essentially this involves:

  • Repair of any malfunctions and issues
  • Replacement of all faulty components with high-quality replacements
  • Full outgoing diagnostic testing to ensure that the device is completely functional

Tech Reboot’s years of electronic repair experience across a broad range of devices places us in the unique position of awareness of many of the problems that can arise with smart device repair. This translates into quality control and reassurance that devices refurbished by Tech Reboot are held to the highest standards.