E-Waste Fast Facts
Posted on 14th Sep 2020 19:51:58 in General, Recycling

E-Waste Fast Facts

  • 3.2 million tons of electronic waste are generated per year
  • Currently, only 11% is recycled
  • 250 million computers become obsolete in the next 5 years
  • 130 million mobile phones are discarded per year
  • About 50% of all recycled metals in the U.S. are derived from consumer electronics recycling
  • 25 consumer electronics per US household on average
Moore’s Law, which states that the primary technologies incorporated in all of these devices doubles in speed every 18 months, drives a tremendous amount of turnover. Everybody wants the latest greatest gadget. So e-waste has became a growing concern. Tech Reboot can recycle your old smartphones, tablets, and computers, reusing parts that are still operational, thereby reducing the generation of excess electronic waste.
  • Buy pre-owned devices
  • Sell us your old phone or tablet
  • Recycle your lost causes

Tech Reboot recycles smartphones, tablets, and laptops for you.

iFixYouri, our sister company, has been working in smart device repair since 2010. We have the technical experience to handle your device end-of-life management whether that may be buyback, recycling, or refurbishing. All components of any donated or received smartphones, tablets, and laptops past their usefulness are recycled whenever possible. Many salvageable devices can then be refurbished and resold, or donated to organizations with whom we’ve partnered.

Photo by Vilmar Simion on Unsplash