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Posted on 6th Mar 2024 20:30:02 in General, Selling

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, where today's innovations become tomorrow's antiques, there exists a vibrant culture dedicated to the collection and preservation of vintage electronics. From the warm glow of vacuum tube radios to the tactile feedback of mechanical keyboards, these relics of the past not only represent technological milestones but also evoke a sense of nostalgia and craftsmanship often absent in modern devices. In this blog post, we'll delve into the most collectible vintage electronics, exploring their

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Posted on 27th Feb 2024 19:21:58 in General, Recycling, Selling

In a world dominated by technological advancements, it's not uncommon for individuals to find themselves at a crossroads when their once cutting-edge gadgets become outdated or start showing signs of wear and tear. The decision to repair or sell old electronics can be a perplexing one, with various factors influencing the optimal choice.

Enter Tech Reboot and iFixYouri, sister companies specializing in buying used electronics and providing expert repair services, particularly for smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming systems. Let's explore

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Posted on 9th Feb 2024 19:48:29 in Apple, Selling

Hey iPad pals! 📱 Ready to ditch that old iPad and score some cash in the process? Look no further than Tech Reboot – where your dusty iPad becomes a treasure chest! 💰🍏

Why Hang on to That Ancient iPad?

We get it, the latest iPads are slick. But what about your trusty old one, chilling in the drawer? Tech Reboot is on a mission to rescue it and hand you some sweet cash.

Meet Tech Reboot's iPad Buyback Bash:

At Tech Reboot, we're

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Posted on 2nd Feb 2024 14:21:23 in Apple, General, Recycling, Selling

Hey there, MacBook enthusiasts! So, you've had that trusty old MacBook for a while now, and you're starting to wonder if it's time to level up or ship out. In this laid-back blog post, we'll chat about why upgrading your old MacBook might be the move and whether it's worth the cash.

If you decide to upgrade components of your MacBook, please give our friends at iFixYouri a shout. However, if upgrading doesn't seem like the right move,

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Posted on 16th Jan 2024 20:22:58 in General, Selling

In a world that is constantly evolving in terms of technology, many of us find ourselves upgrading our devices to keep up with the latest advancements. If you're one of those individuals with an old Surface Pro collecting dust, there's good news for you. Enter Tech Reboot, a game-changer in the tech industry, offering cold hard cash for your used Surface Pro devices.

The Rise of Tech Reboot:

Tech Reboot is not just another buyback program; it's a revolutionary concept that aims

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Posted on 26th Dec 2023 19:49:22 in Selling

Staying on the cutting edge often means upgrading to the latest and greatest smartphones. However, what do you do when you find yourself itching for an upgrade, but your AT&T phone isn't fully paid off yet? While selling a phone that is still under contract might seem like a daunting task, it's entirely possible with careful consideration and adherence to the rules and regulations set by AT&T.

Understanding Your AT&T Contract

Before diving into the process of selling your AT&T phone, it's

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Posted on 20th Dec 2023 14:28:15 in Apple, General, Recycling, Selling

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, our gadgets often outpace us, demanding upgrades to newer, more advanced models. If you've recently upgraded your Apple Watch and are wondering what to do with your old one, turn to Tech Reboot—a game-changing company that not only helps you declutter but also puts cash back into your pocket.

The Rise of Tech Reboot

Tech Reboot stands out as a leading player in the electronic resale market, specializing in breathing new life into used

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Posted on 30th Nov 2023 19:55:21 in Recycling, Selling

To sell your device for cash, get a free quote today

To repair your device, visit our sister company, iFixYouri.

In the age of rapid technological advancements, electronic devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. However, with the constant upgrade cycle and the rise of electronic waste, let's explore the myriad benefits of repairing or recycling our electronic companions.

Environmental Conservation

Electronic waste, or e-waste, poses a significant threat to the environment. By choosing to repair or recycle

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Posted on 19th Oct 2023 17:20:22 in Recycling, Selling

Hey there, tech-savvy pals! We get it, life moves fast, and so does technology. So, what do you do with all those retired gadgets cluttering up your space? Well, we've got the answer: Tech Reboot. They're like the tech magician who can turn your used devices into cash, and here's why it's a real game-changer!

Tech Reboot: Where Old Gadgets Get a Second Chance

Tech Reboot is like the fairy godmother of electronics. They make sure your old gadgets don't end up

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Posted on 5th Sep 2023 19:01:17 in Selling

If you're a passionate gamer, you likely have fond memories of your old video game systems. Whether it's the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the iconic PlayStation 2, or even a more recent Xbox 360, these consoles hold a special place in your heart. However, as technology evolves, it's common to outgrow your old gaming companions, leaving

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