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Posted on 13th Oct 2020 16:52:25 in General

What is a SIM card?

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Cards connect your physical phone (or tablet) to your phone carrier. They let carriers know who owns any specific smart device and which phone account is theirs. In most cases, SIM cards are portable and can be swapped between your current or old phone and a newly-purchased phone.

SIM card Sizes

Nano SIM: The smallest SIM, most likely to be found in new devices. This has been the standard since the iPhone 5.

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Posted on 5th Oct 2020 16:38:56 in General

So you bought a phone and you're not sure if you're able to activate it or use it on a particular carrier?

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to what carrier a device can be used on.

Certain carriers require devices that work on their network and only their network. They do this so that this particular change would keep your device from function on a competitor’s network.

Years back,

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Posted on 2nd Oct 2020 19:47:00 in General

Stay tuned.

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Posted on 21st Sep 2020 14:30:33 in General, Recycling

Pawnshops typically purchase or pawn just about anything. The problem you will run into is that they may not pay you what your device is worth, being that they don't specialize in mobile devices and smartphones. They will likely pay you pennies on the dollar compared to what a buyback company like

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Posted on 16th Sep 2020 17:43:10 in General, Samsung, Apple

So you send in your phone and forget to remove the iCloud or Google lock from it. Not to worry, there is a solution for it. There is a quick and easy process to remove iCloud lock from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Macbook.

Remove iCloud lock from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Macbook remotely:

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Posted on 14th Sep 2020 19:51:58 in General, Recycling

E-Waste Fast Facts

  • 3.2 million tons of electronic waste are generated per year
  • Currently, only 11% is recycled
  • 250 million computers become obsolete in the next 5 years
  • 130 million mobile phones are discarded per year
  • About 50% of all recycled metals in the U.S. are derived from consumer electronics recycling
  • 25 consumer electronics per US household on average
Moore’s Law, which states that the primary technologies incorporated in all of these devices doubles in speed every 18 months, drives a tremendous amount of turnover. Everybody wants

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Posted on 14th Sep 2020 19:50:10 in General

Our new selling website is ready for launch! So first of all we'd like to welcome you to Tech Reboot. We purchase used smart devices and electronics, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. We are excited for you to check out the website, so here is a brief tour of what we have going on.


Visit the Sell area

In the selling tab, you can search for the device you'd like to sell to us, and

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