How to Safely Sell Your Device During a Pandemic
Posted on 2nd Mar 2021 16:44:10 in General, Samsung, Apple, Selling

In a pre-covid world, someone may have gone to great lengths to sell their device to a total stranger if it involved a nice profit. But because of today’s regulations and concerns, people have to adjust and take extra precautions during these transactions to prevent the further spread of the virus. Regardless, it is still possible to sell your device and make a profit safely, and here’s how. 

Sanitize Your Device Before You Sell It

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that viruses and germs live on the surfaces of commonly touched objects for up to three days.

You touch many surfaces every day, including your phone screen, keyboard, and remote. Washing your hands will not be enough to stop the spread of germs, especially if someone else touches these surfaces too.

These germs are not like a software virus you can get on your computer or phone. Instead, they can make you sick if they happen to enter your system. 

With that being said, here are some tips provided by the CDC to make sure that your device is properly sanitized. 

  • Before cleaning, unplug your device. 

  • Wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth. 

  • Don't submerge and wipe excessively. 

  • Use non-abrasive cleaning solutions rather than bleach. 

  • Avoid any openings of your device when using liquids.

If you fail to clean your device properly, it can result in a lot of damage. If your device has water damage, isn't charging, or won't turn on after disinfection, go to a reliable, affordable tech repair service. 

The most effective solution for your device if it has a cracked screen is to get it repaired. Bacteria can still gather in the cracks despite wiping the surface clean. 

To minimize the germs, the CDC also recommends that you: 

  • Keep your device in your pocket or purse when outside of your home.

  • Use a physical shopping list rather than your device when grocery shopping. 

  • Use a credit card rather than mobile pay.

  • Only touch your device after you have washed your hands.

  • Use hands-free devices when making a call so your device is not pressed against your face.

If you plan on selling your phone, tablet, or computer any time soon, make sure your device is as safe as possible for the next owner. 

Keep Your Distance When You Sell Your Device

Once your device is sanitized and ready to be sold, the next step to ensure that the transaction is safe is to keep your distance. 

Despite the conditions of the world, it is still possible to safely sell your device in person. You need to make sure that you and the buyer are wearing masks and standing six feet apart. 

If you do not feel comfortable casually selling your device to a stranger but still want to sell your device in person, turn to Tech Reboot. 

Tech Reboot will buy your device back from you in any condition and guarantee that you receive the most money back. Every employee is required to wear a mask at all times, as well as sanitize countertops and keep a safe distance from each other. 

The best part about Tech Reboot is that it also provides online services. When online, you can get an instant offer, easily ship your device, and receive your payment within days from the comfort of your home. 

So whether you want to sell your phone in person or online, Tech Reboot is the best option if your phone is on the market.

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