Is an Apple TV Worth Buying?
Posted on 1st Mar 2021 19:32:12 in General, Apple, Selling

Rumor has it that the 6th Gen Apple TV is hitting the market this spring. The compact media box has greatly improved since its first release in 2007, so expectations are high for this upcoming release. What can people expect, what improvements can be made, and is an Apple TV worth buying?

Before You Continue Reading:

Apple TV: A device that connects to your TV and allows you to stream videos, play music, download apps, etc. 

Apple TV App: An app hub, where all of your features can be downloaded 

Apple TV+: Apple’s streaming service 

What Can You Do With an Apple TV? 

Apple TV is known for its high-resolution video playback, Siri voice control interactions, and most recently Apple TV+, its streaming service. 

Even though the device may appear intimidating, it’s quite simple to use.

Once set up, you can still watch cable TV, as well as stream your favorite original shows from Apple TV+, Netflix, Hulu, and others alike. 

You can also play music directly from your audio library and play games that can be found in the app store. 

And not to worry if you do not have your Apple remote on hand. Opt to use your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to have complete control over your TV. Your Apple TV is also compatible with Bluetooth accessories such as AirPods, keyboards, and game controllers.


Apple has done a great job at making sure its device is accessible to everyone with its features that support all vision, hearing,  physical, and moto skills such as live captions, audio playback, and magnified text. 

What Can the Apple TV Improve? 

Apple TV’s main flaw is its lack of content and streaming service. 

Even though Apple TV+ streams hundreds of shows, many being original features, it does not compare to other streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix. According to Bloomberg, Apple managed to reach 10 million subscribers in February 2020, but only half were found to use the service actively. 

Critics say that the streaming service needs to focus on expanding its catalog with new and original shows, movies, and animations. But until then, Apple TV+ is not going to thrive the way it originally planned to. 

Hopefully, the streaming service can improve alongside the device it is often streamed on. 

How Much Is the Apple TV Worth? 

Whether you need to make room for the new Apple TV or you no longer want the one you have now, you can make money for your device easily. 

Tech Reboot offers cash for used Apple TVs. The trade-in value of your Apple TV depends on its model, condition, and included accessories. Fully functioning units are worth the most, but broken ones can still be worth cash.

Older models lose value over time when new models are introduced, so it is best to sell yours now while you still have the remote control and the power cable.

Tech Reboot always offers competitive prices on popular electronics and smart devices, so that our visitors can get the best price out of us. Listed on our website, your Apple TV will sell for a fair price, and you will have the most straightforward, easy-to-use user experience available.

Sell Your Apple TV for Cash

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How Do I Sell My Apple TV?

That's easy. Just do this:

  1. Select Sell > Accessories > Apple TV

  2. Choose your generation Apple TV

  3. Answer questions about the storage, accessories, and condition of your Apple TV

  4. Ship your device to use with the included shipping label

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