What Our Guests Think About Tech Reboot
Posted on 26th Mar 2021 14:41:53 in Selling, General

Tech Reboot is your certified refurbished smart device store. Not only can our guests buy top-of-the-line tech for an affordable price, but also sell their old and unused devices in any condition for the most money back guaranteed. 

Not quite convinced? Well here is what some of our happy have said about Tech Reboot! 

A very easy way to sell old devices

A very easy way to sell old devices! I sold my MacBook using their website. The site was easy to use and I was able to easily go through each step very quickly. I live close to their local shop so I chose to bring in the device myself rather than shipping it. I brought it in and was paid the same day. Great experience and I highly recommend using them!

  • Michelle 

Pretty awesome that they will pay you…

Pretty awesome that they will pay you through Venmo, apple pay, whatever works best! Would recommend selling any electronic devices through them.

  • Danny 



Really enjoy this service. The convenience is top-notch and the process is super simple. I was even able to get paid through my Venmo account! As I cycle through my products, I will keep coming back to Tech Reboot to sell. Fast, easy, and reliable service.

  • Jamie 


I sold my old phone to Tech Reboot

I sold my old phone to Tech Reboot, who was offering a bit more than some of the other buyback websites. It was easy to send it in with the shipping label and packing slip they provided via email. From using the easy tracking tool on their site, I was able to watch my shipment, and then they paid me the very next business day. I definitely recommend them to friends looking to sell their old devices.

  • Chucky 


I got cash for my old phone

I got cash for my old phone. Doesn’t get any easier.

  • Albert 


Fast and easy cash

Straight forward process and easy to get money for some old phones in a drawer collecting dust. One was even pretty broken. Will definitely use it again and already told my friends about it.

  • James 


Money in my pocket!

Finally, a solution to put money back in my pocket after upgrading my devices! I had a drawer full of old devices and instead of them going to a landfill, I have money in my pocket and less stuff sitting around. Thank you Tech Reboot for doing what is right for the environment and giving old devices new life as well as helping me recoup some of my costs.

  • Amy 


I sent my iPad to a major buy-back firm…

I sent my iPad to a major buy-back firm I had used several times in the past. They received and assessed it and found two microphones were not working. I thought this was odd as I had conducted several flawless FaceTimes just before sending it to them. So, I declined their reduced offer and found Chris and Tech Reboot during a search. Chris was awesome from the start and sympathetic to my situation. He suggested I ship my IPad to them, free of charge, and they would assess the microphone findings and make me an offer depending on the outcome. I was pleasantly surprised when Chris emailed and said the IPad had passed the techs assessment and offered me the going rate, which I happily accepted. Chris was quick in responding to my inquiries, open, and honest. It's not often that assessments go in the opposite direction in favor of the seller. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Tech Reboot and will surely use their services for all my future needs. Overall, an easy, painless, and refreshing experience.

  • Rob 


You, too, can receive amazing service like Michelle, Danny, and James from Tech Reboot!

Original Photo Credit: Leni_und_Tom via Pixabay.com