Sell your jailbroken iPhone or iPad: What you need to know
Posted on 11th Nov 2020 20:57:05 in Apple, General, Selling

What if someone told you they had a jailbroken iPhone for sale? Would you hesitate to accept their offer? Well, you’re not alone. Apple feels the same way. 

Jailbreaking is a process in which people bypass software restrictions enforced on iOS and Apple products. In return, users install applications, extensions, and other software programs not approved by Apple. 

Besides downloading apps, people jailbreak iPhones and iPads to:

  • Remove and delete preinstalled apps 

  • Customize the control center 

  • Unlock, or gain access to other wireless carriers 

According to Apple, jailbroken devices violate their warranty plan and are at risk of poor security and other issues.

  • Your device is not secure: Jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad increases the risk of having your personal information stolen, device damaged, and viruses installed by hackers. 

  • Your device is unpredictable: Jailbreaking causes your device to crash unexpectedly, freeze when apps are open, and lose data.

  • Your device has a short battery life: Jailbreaking causes your battery to drain quickly and shortens the device’s use on a single battery charge.

  • Your device is unreliable: Jailbreaking causes dropped calls, slow and unreliable data connections, as well as delayed and inaccurate location input.

  • Your apps don't work: Once your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken, iCloud, FaceTime, Apple Pay, Visual Voicemail, Weather, Stocks, and iMessage will no longer work. 

This means that once your device is corrupt, Apple will not consider taking it back for a trade-in.

Where can you sell a jailbroken iPhone or iPad? 

Once the damage is done and you are left with a phone that barely works, there are only a few ways to sell your iPhone and make a profit. 

Oddly enough, some people find jailbroken devices to be more valuable than those with the original factory settings. This all goes back to the idea of people being able to freely download software. 

On eBay, jailbroken iPhones range from $100- $600, and iPads range from $50-$250. Are these prices worth it knowing the risks that come along with the devices? 

There are also tech companies that will buy back unwanted devices, even when damaged. 

To prepare your device for sale and increase your chances of making the most money possible, it is strongly recommended that you undo the jailbreak settings from your device by accessing iTunes or Recovery Mode.

Jailbreaking became popular in 2008, but since then, Apple has developed software like iOS 14 that allows people to customize their devices. So rather than invest in a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, upgrade to a device that you know will function properly. 

Photo Credit: Caspar Camille Rubin via