Getting the Most Money for a Used Cell Phone
Posted on 14th Oct 2020 16:54:37 in Selling

Getting the Most Money for a Used Cell Phone

Many websites offer cash for cellphones these days. It's a great way to declutter, minimize e-waste, and earn some money. There are many factors that determine your phone's current market value. Keep reading for the main details and introduce some ideas on what will get you the most money for a used cell phone.


The make and model of a phone are perhaps the largest contributor to how much money you will get for a smartphone. Newer models are typically worth more, so don't wait too long to sell your phone if you are considering it. Apple and Samsung devices, due to their popularity, tend to hold their value better than some of the other brands.


The physical condition of the phone is also a major contributor to getting the most money for your phone. Brand new phones still in the box and flawless or mint condition phones will be worth the most money. Here at Tech Reboot, the majority of phones we receive will be in good or fair condition if they have been used for any amount of time. Corners get scratched or even dented. Finishes get scuffed or scratched.

Poor condition or broken phones can be worth significantly less. These may require new back housings, new glass, or other significant repairs to have good value. In order to get the most money for your phone, use a case! Put a tempered glass screen protector on your phone. These two cost effective preventative measures can really help your phone retain value over time.

iCloud or Google locked phones must be unlocked before they are worth money to most buyers, so please remove your lock before trying to sell your phone.


The different available phone carriers available affect the value of your phone as well. There have been two main technologies, CDMA and GSM, which the different phone carriers use in their phones. Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T phones are not always interchangeable. Market demand affects the value. Sprint phones typically are worth the least. Verizon are usually worth a bit more money. Unlocked phones are worth the most. If you are interested, here's more about CDMA vs. GSM technologies.

Size and Accessories

The storage capacity is another variable of your phone's value. The saying "the bigger, the better" holds true when it comes to storage capacity. As operating systems and applicationdata require more and more space, larger phones become more sought after. Conversely, digital storage tends to get cheaper over the years, so this tends to balance the affect of storage size on your phone's value, as compared to the model or condition.

Including accessories such as charging cables, or original packaging may also add a few dollars to your phone buyback value.

Ready to Sell Your Phone?

So now that you know all about getting the most money for your phone, why not check our free phone value estimator to see what yours is worth?

Alternatively you can explore some other options of where you can sell your phone in person.