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Sell Your AirPods

Posted on 30th Nov 2020 20:34:44 in Apple, General, Selling

When AirPods were first released in 2016, it seemed as if everyone had a pair. Without a doubt, the modern and chic-designed Bluetooth captivated many. Despite how tangle-free and new they are, there are a few cons that may leave you regretting your purchase or wanting to Read More

Can You Sell Devices in Bulk?

Posted on 25th Nov 2020 17:53:35 in Apple, General, Selling

Do you upgrade your phone every time a new model is released? Are you clumsy and break several phones a year? Or are you indecisive about

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Can You Buy More Storage on a 16 GB iPhone?

Posted on 23rd Nov 2020 20:15:14 in Apple, General, Selling

Did you buy a 16 GB phone because of its significantly low price but are now regretting your decision because of little storage space?

Fortunately, there are ways to expand your storage and work efficiently with what you have. 

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Can You Sell Your Unpaid AT&T Phone?

Posted on 19th Nov 2020 17:04:02 in General, Selling

Click here if you are looking to sell your unpaid T-Mobile device.

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Can you sell a phone if it is not paid off? : T-Mobile

Posted on 18th Nov 2020 20:25:30 in General, Apple, Selling

Are you looking to sell your phone to a buy-back company but won't pay up?

Even though it is possible to sell a phone that is not paid off, the consequences of

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Sell your jailbroken iPhone or iPad: What you need to know

Posted on 11th Nov 2020 20:57:05 in Apple, General, Selling

What if someone told you they had a jailbroken iPhone for sale? Would you hesitate to accept their offer? Well, you’re not alone. Apple feels the same way. 

Jailbreaking is a process in which people bypass software restrictions enforced on

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Is Your Device a Distraction? And Why You Should Consider Selling It

Posted on 10th Nov 2020 15:06:14 in Selling

With many people now working and learning from the comfort of their homes, devices are probably more important now than ever before.

 Smartphones, laptops, and tablets help amplify the work you get done, and without them, you would probably fall greatly behind. At the same time, they are also the reason why you are not as productive as you’d like to be. 

If you notice that you spend more of your time scrolling

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When’s the right time to sell my Apple watch?

Posted on 4th Nov 2020 17:54:05 in Apple, General, Selling

The first Sunday of every November is the start of daylight saving, which means that you have to manually adjust every clock in your home and workplace if devices aren’t smart enough to do it automatically. Now you’re dealing with a wall clock, the time on your stove, and the time displayed in your car. With so many devices

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Can I sell my broken iPhone, Galaxy or Pixel?

Posted on 3rd Nov 2020 15:51:58 in Selling, General

One too many times, someone experiences the pain of watching their phone slip between their fingers and crash to the ground as it and their heart simultaneously shatter.

What to do now? You are out of a phone and short on cash. Believe it or not, there is still a way to recycle your phone and make some money.

Whether your phone has water damage or a broken screen, it is still valuable. At Tech Reboot we

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How to Wipe (or Recover) Data from your Android Smartphone

Posted on 15th Oct 2020 16:54:18 in Samsung

This article explains the details of how to wipe your Android smartphone. Some of the details apply to iPhones as well, but the instructions might differ for Apple devices. Erasing your phone, often called a factory reset, removes all personal files (photos, videos, documents), deletes all installed apps, and clears all logins and configuration settings. Essentially it restores the phone to its original, out-of-the-box state.

Reasons to Wipe Your Android Phone

There are a few good reasons why someone would want to

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