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What stores can I sell my phone for cash?

Posted on 14th Oct 2020 16:56:19 in Selling, Samsung, Apple

Bills come payments go and one thing often comes around or we might be a little shorthanded on cash, to where we start looking around and trying to see how we can get some additional funds into our pocket quickly. There are many options to get a bit of cash in your hand and often these options are easier than one might think.

What Devices Can You Sell?

Start looking around your house and

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How can I get money for my old iPhone?

Posted on 14th Oct 2020 16:56:36 in Selling, Samsung, Apple

Believe it or not, your old iPhone is worth something, even if it’s cracked, damaged, broken, or not powering on. This also goes for your old iPad, Dell laptop, MacBook, or other old personal electronics. Often the longer you wait to sell your old devices, the less you’ll receive for them.

Chances are that old iPod

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Do pawn shops buy phones?

Posted on 21st Sep 2020 14:30:33 in Recycling, General

Pawnshops typically purchase or pawn just about anything. The problem you will run into is that they may not pay you what your device is worth, being that they don't specialize in mobile devices and smartphones. They will likely pay you pennies on the dollar compared to what a buyback company like

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How can I sell my iPhone safely?

Posted on 14th Oct 2020 16:58:27 in Selling, Samsung, Apple

There are many ways that you can sell your device. Some of these ways may be unsafe, some of them could put you at risk, and then there are many ways that you can stay safe from the comfort of your own home.

Backup Your Data

Before doing anything, make sure that you've backed up your phone to ensure

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How does grading of my phone, tablet, or computer work?

Posted on 14th Oct 2020 16:59:15 in Selling

The time has come to sell your device. The question will arise of how do you determine the condition of your phone, tablet, or computer. What may be perfect condition to some, will in fact be average/good condition to someone else. It's super important to make sure that accurate grading is achieved selling your device. 

Devices come in all sorts of grades and conditions. Grading is a key factor when it comes to making

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What should I do if I sell my iPhone?

Posted on 14th Oct 2020 16:59:34 in Selling, Apple

So you've decided to sell your iPhone. What steps do you need to take now?

Backing up your data would be a good first step if possible. We do not provide backups in any form and your data will be erased.

Another important step is to remove your iPhone's activation lock. This ensures we can quickly provide you payment for your

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How do I remove iCloud Lock or Google Lock Remotely?

Posted on 16th Sep 2020 17:43:10 in Samsung, General, Apple

So you send in your phone and forget to remove the iCloud or Google lock from it. Not to worry, there is a solution for it. There is a quick and easy process to remove iCloud lock from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Macbook.

Remove iCloud lock from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Macbook remotely:

  1. Sign in

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Where can I sell my iPhone in person?

Posted on 14th Oct 2020 17:00:00 in Selling, Apple

The time always comes when you are due for an upgrade, and you search for a place to sell your iPhone. You have many options available to you, but some are easier and safer than others. The question always arises, "where can I sell my iPhone in person?"

Sites like eBay and Craigslist serve as online

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Where is the best place to sell my iPhone?

Posted on 16th Sep 2020 15:20:09 in Apple

Phones break. New models come out. Inevitably many of you will ask the question, "Hey! Where can I go to sell my iPhone?"

Many websites and stores have popped up for this purpose. Most of them will have a quick online calculator where you can get a price quote for your used iPhone. Typically, you will answer a few questions about

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E-Waste Fast Facts

Posted on 14th Sep 2020 19:51:58 in Recycling, General

E-Waste Fast Facts

  • 3.2 million tons of electronic waste are generated per year
  • Currently, only 11% is recycled
  • 250 million computers become obsolete in the next 5 years
  • 130 million mobile phones are discarded per year
  • About 50% of all recycled metals in the U.S. are derived from consumer electronics recycling
  • 25 consumer electronics per US household on average
Moore’s Law, which states that the primary technologies incorporated in all of these devices doubles in speed every 18 months, drives a tremendous amount of turnover. Everybody wants

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